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Telesales is a dependable method of selling that can instantly improve your sales pipeline, profit margins, cash flow and cost of sales. Knowing how to position your sales message without directly selling to your prospect is a skill that indirectly puts you in the mind of your prospect as having their best interest at heart.

At iSmart Marketing we put all these into consideration well before we even pick up the phone to dial. We use the power of telesales to subtly lead into the conversation of selling with your target prospect before warming them up to buy. So How do we do it?

  • Having a hand-picked team of professionals who’ll investigate you and your product determine the best angle of approach for the highest profitability
  • For questions or concerns with the campaign, we are available 24/7 to address all your needs.
  • Giving you access to campaign reports generated weekly, monthly, quarterly or annually.
  • A wealth of new marketing channels and potential customer bases generated from the detailed and focused information source provided by your marketing scheme
  • Flexible and tailored campaigns based on your particular budget
iSmart Tele-Sales offers you the chance to:

  • Find and win new customers through our sales script tailored towards your products, services or any unique promotions.
  • Cultivate existing customers to ensure that your loyal customers are always satisfied.
  • Utilize customer loyalty by coaching your sales team to train your customers to continue buying from you.

Growth is dependent on your customer base, and it is also essential for any company to survive in today’s business world.

We determine your customers needs so you can transition those needs into sales.

We can also work with the data you provide if you’re unhappy with your previous campaigns to enhance your future marketing efforts and mend the buyer-seller relationship with your prospects with guaranteed better results.

Your campaign will be designed to achieve the maximum ROI for you while working in the parameters of your budget. A detailed briefing process will be implemented to guarantee we have the information we need to achieve the best results.

So go ahead and start your FREE 10-day trial period now and let us lead your business to the next level.


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