Up Selling

Up Selling (Existing Customers)

Aside from making developments and techniques to get more clients, iSmart Marketing will provide appropriate value to your existing customers by giving them updates on what is the latest about your products or services.

Our Customer sales representatives will conduct market segmentation or will categorize your customers according to different customer needs based on what we will be able to gather as feedbacks during our interaction with your customers.

Advantages of Up Selling

  • We deal with a warmer sales lead than a brand new customer. Your existing customers already have built loyalty to your products or services. It is advantageous to keep them since they are the number 1 advocate of your brand.
  • Helps you identify additional needs and promote products or services. Existing customers who are satisfied with your products or services will continue to purchase and demand more of your services. Therefore, you gain profit without any hassle.
  • Builds customer loyalty. Being given importance makes a customer continue to invest in your products or services. It makes them feel that they are special. They are continuously satisfied with your brand and with the care you are giving them. This, in return, allows you to maintain sales effectively.
  • Achieve customer satisfaction by helping them find products that suit their needs. Interacting with customers for a period of time makes you familiar with their preferences. It is easy for you then to offer them products that best suit their interest and more importantly what they really need. Wanting is another thing but being able to identify what the customer really needs can be life changing. Your customers will even thank you for it in the long run.
  • A strategy with a high potential to make a sale. A loyal customer readily provides a business with a regular source of income. Up selling allows you, the business, to continuously nurture the interest of your loyal customers. Additionally, this will provide a business the opportunity to make new sales with new customers and convert them into loyal advocates of your products or services.

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