Follow Up Calls

Follow Up Calls (Direct Mail, Trade Show)

iSmart Marketing aims to help you close as many deals as you needed, in addition we made follow ups to generate more campaigns and save time and money.

Our team will initiate follow-ups from time to time after they have made initial contact with a potential client or a prospect.

We make follow up through:

1. Direct Mail
We employ techniques that were already polished and optimized in doing follow- ups through direct mail to help increase your profit.

Our expert team will contact your leads after sending a direct mail. They, then:

  • Follow-up prospected clients of your direct mail and reinforce your message.
  • Collect information with regard to your leads’ challenges, interests and timeframes to make a nourishing campaign.

2. Trade Show
Trade show might drown you with hundreds of leads. You will take time to determine which is valuable and time sensitive. We then help you follow up these leads to help you come up with the choice of which is to be prioritized.

We will help you prepare your sales leads, make appointment setting calls, follow up particular offers from the trade show and get a purchase instead of just having a prospect.

  • We will coordinate with your sales team to make and do test calls to ensure prospect qualifications.
  • Coordinate meeting and dialogue phone calls after determining a qualified lead.
  • Set up a meeting or conference call between you and the prospect client(s)
  • Our team will provide comprehensive range of solutions including call techniques and reporting methods.
  • Advantages of using iSmartMarketing Trade Show follow-ups

    • Internationally Based sales Agents
    • o We serve various countries, thus we are confident in dealing with different customers and can handle different business situations.

    • Competent Agents
    • o We assure you with our agents who are professionals, well-trained, and well equipped with experiences to represent your company with a high degree of contact management etiquette.

    • Quality Control
    • o We give value on consistent improvement on quality, competence and efficiency of our trade show follow-up services.


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