Messaging Services and Call Forwarding

iSmart Marketing answer calls 24/7and document all important messages we received. Calls will be answered according to your instructions. We use the most advanced tele-messaging technology to cater your customers’ needs. Calls are automatically directed to any first available operator. Information that you give will be transcribed to the computer with the following data:

  • Telephone information ( correct and complete)
  • Location
  • Message dispatch information
  • Information of the client
  • Instructions

Advantages of iSmart Marketing Messaging Services:

  • Our agents carefully and precisely enter information into the computer
  • All messages are clear and organized
  • Your message can be stored for years

Call Forwarding

iSmart Marketing Call directing services transfer calls to a single or variety of numbers, including numbers in your home, offices, or any phone numbers.

Our call forwarding system keeps in touch with customers, make investments and sales that offer excellent customer service.

Advantages of call directing:

  • Availability

Your customer can reach you even if you’re out of the office.

  • Mobility

Enable you to be out of the office or travel out of town without worrying or missing an important client’s call.

  • Convenience

We will make your life simpler by answering calls for you.


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