Call Forwarding

iSmart Marketing Call directing services transfer calls to a single or variety of numbers, including numbers in your home, offices, or any phone numbers.

Our call forwarding system keeps in touch with customers, make investments and sales that offer excellent customer service.

Advantages of Call Forwarding

1. Availability
Your customer can reach you even if you’re out of the office. In circumstances when you can’t answer calls on any reason, we will forward customers’ call to a live virtual receptionist in your behalf, thus extending your business hours and prevent missing important customers’ calls.

2. Mobility
Our call forwarding services enables you to be out of the office or travel out of town without worrying or missing important customers’ calls. We ensure you receive calls regardless of your location. Even if your employees are working from different geographic locations, your customers can see that you are working from a single office location by forwarding all customers call to a single number for official use.

3. Convenience
We will make your life simpler by answering calls for you. Our customer service representatives who handle calls professionally, accurately and efficiently ensure to take all calls in your behalf to get new leads or potential customers. Our call forwarding services keep your businesses moving even after business hours and on weekends.


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