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iSmart Telemarketing

iSmart Marketing is a full service telemarketing team dedicated to offering customized, cost effective and non scripted telemarketing services to surpass your campaign goals.

We understand that quality telemarketing requires real conversations with your customers and so we strive to ensure that your programs are as natural as possible all while increasing your marketing and sales performance.

Used in its traditional, normal way telemarketing gave no regard to one particular aspect pivotal to closing the sale.
But with our teams of highly dedicated, highly trained professionals offering complete transparency and unwavering support we’re continually used by our clients for one reason…

Because we generate leads effectively, efficiently and intelligently with our proven 4 step client-customer engagement process:

Steps To 100% Telemarketing Success


‘Getting To Know You’
Understanding your company goals and conducting detailed data gathering in your industry through various market research strategies.


‘When the magic happens’
Introduce you to all your new and highly skilled team members and to generate all needed marketing material for a successful campaign.


‘Ready For Blast Off!’
Launch your tailored campaign and closely monitor progress and performances to ensure we are on the right track.


‘Use All That Data’
After running the campaigns for some time, optimize campaigns using data gathered to ensure the greatest ROI and collect bigger profits.

iSmart Telemarketing

Appointment Setting

Our strategic appointment setting processes have helped keep hundreds of sales departments happy and increased sales revenue for clients.

Lead Generation

We produce more qualified and responsive leads that improve your company’s sale conversion rate to keep your sales team happy and wanting more.


Increase your sales with our skilled inside sales teams that are eager to learn your product and generate purchase orders.


Get your message across to all your potential prospects with our trained and pleasant staff boost your conversion ratings.

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